Deborah Navas is a writer and artist who finds her artistic inspiration very close to home: Block Island, Rhode Island, and the Monadnock Region in southwestern New Hampshire—places where she’s lived most of her life. As a painter, her ambition is to capture the simplest elements of her daily surroundings in a way that reveals their inherent beauty.

MacGregor and Sullivan houses

Long familiar to beachgoers on a day trip and residents alike, are two of the Island’s best-loved historic summer homes. The MacGregor and Sullivan Houses oversee New Harbor to the west and Old Harbor to the southeast, as well as State Beach just up the road. Poster dimensions: 17 X 32 inches. Price: $35, postage included.

Surf Hotel Poster

During the 19th and early 20th centuries families flocked to Block Island’s grand hotels to experience the Island’s healing waters and pristine scenery. One of the few remaining, The Surf, built in 1876, has has maintained its antique charm and hospitality to the present day. Poster dimensions: 12 x 24 inches. Price: $35, postage included.