Confessions of an Art Addict

Stories and Books – I first began writing short stories in bits of time stolen from my full-time life raising three children and working as a magazine editor. Stories—good ones, that is—turned out to be much harder to make than reading them (a life-long and delectable habit). Learning to write is hard; discouraging and tedious work. But I kept at it because I couldn’t make myself stop. To get a story right, or as right as I could make it took a very long time, and longer yet, to get it published. Eventually more stories were published, and then a book of short stories. I never meant to write a history book or a novel, but by chance, happened into an amazing story, buried in historic archives, that begged to be told. It is a true story of illicit love and murder that took place in Revolutionary Massachusetts. I was hooked, but it took me 20 years and two books—the first as historical nonfiction, Murdered by His Wife, and the second, a fictionalized version, Bathsheba Spooner, to get the story right. All three books are available for sale here on the book page.

My UNH writing teacher, Tom Williams, a National Book Award-winning author, characterized writing as being “bitten by the art bug.” But I think it is more an addiction than insect bite, because the desire to create art so often turns out to be chronic.

Posters and Prints – It was time for a break after all of the intensive years of writing, and since childhood, playing with paints has always been pure fun for me. And so the last few years I’ve been painting, inspired to capture the places close to my heart, Block Island, Rhode Island, and the Monadnock Region in southwestern New Hampshire. My hope is to get down the elemental furnishings and scenes that are hallmarks of those places. Which, you might have guessed, takes a much longer time than I thought. But the effort is immensely absorbing, fun, and too, for sale as posters, prints, and cards below.